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In Her Own Words was created to tell the birthing stories of the women who have birthed with Organic Midwifery. Their stories are told by them, in their own words, honest and beautiful. We hope you find them as inspiring to read as we did to witness.

The Birth of Baby Charlee

12.35am: I woke up from a sharp lightening feeling in my cervix. I got up and went to the toilet like usual. As I was walking I felt dripping down...

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The Birth of Baby Sebastian

My birth Story started at preconception stage. Hubby and I were trying for around 6 months when I found the most wonderful and knowledgeable...

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The Birth of Baby Sakara

On the 18th of May 2022 (1 day off of being 42 weeks pregnant) I woke up at 2:30am to pain as labour began. I went to the toilet and had my “bloody...

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The Birth of Baby Ezra

Words fail me when trying to aptly describe the euphoric home birth experience I was able to create for myself with the help of my amazingly...

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The Birth of Baby Maisie

Our labour started at around 10pm on Monday the 7th of November.  The faint period type pain that I had been having on and off for weeks suddenly...

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The Birth of Baby Alina

The birth of Alina.   Born breech on 26/07/2022.   My name is Stephanie Henriksen and when I became pregnant with my daughter Alina I was living a...

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The Birth of Baby Bonnie

My birth story Bonnie Hazel Newitt, born at 1:57PM on Saturday 15/10/22. My first baby, born naturally at home into water. 2 days of early/pre...

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The Birth of Baby Hunter

My name is Rebecca Dickson, my fiancé is Jordan Morieson, and we have a beautiful baby boy called Hunter William Morieson. We are based in Port...

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