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Organic Midwifery midwives offer a range of care options to assist you in your journey into parenthood. These include antenatal & postnatal care, childbirth education, labour and birth support in the comfort of your own home.

Introducing Helen, Mal and Ramona

We are very excited to announce the Re-birthing of Organic Midwifery in 2022! Which sees us working with birthing families again in the private homebirth arena. Our practice is underpinned by celebrating and protecting diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

Organic Midwifery is a small boutique midwifery service offering true continuity of midwifery care. You will get to know your primary and secondary midwife during your pregnancy care so that you will have a known midwife at you labour and birth.

Our care is contextual, in that we visit you in the comfort of your own home for your antenatal visits. We encourage your family to be present so that we can form relationships built on trust and good communication. In this way, we share our midwifery knowledge and you share your personal and family knowledge with us, to help informed decision making.

We respect and support families of all structures, including, single parents, Indigenous people, LGBTQIA+. Our philosophy is that childbirth is a physiological process and therefore an emotional and social life event not a medical emergency for most people. it does not need to be managed and treated but guided and supported.

We also acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we practice and we pay respect to country, to elders past, present and emerging.

“Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life”

Ina May Gaskin

Meet the Midwives

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Helen Brown

0416 201 143

Mal Morieson

0408 363 802

Ramona Fisher

“Being pregnant and giving birth is a deeply personal experience and a significant rite of passage. People should emerge from childbirth feeling joyful, strong and confident, and babies should be welcomed in the most gentle and loving way possible.

Whether you are planning a home birth or in need of some additional support from a known and trusted midwife to supplement your care, a private midwife can offer you one-to-one personalised care, providing you with choice, control and continuity.”

Helen, Mal & Ramona

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Private Midwife?

A Private Midwife offers midwifery care independently to the Australian Healthcare System. This allows us to manage our own caseload so that we work with a small number of clients to ensure a more personalised service.

Is home birth safe?

Homebirth NSW recently published a document outlining the latest Australian research on homebirth. We have provided a link to the document which outlines their findings.

Click here to view / download the document.

Why is continuity of carer important?

Building a relationship over your pregnancy with an Organic Midwifery midwife means that we know what is important for you in your birth and we can tailor the care and the plan to you and your pregnancy. We use national guidelines, current research and recommendations and, most importantly, decades of hands-on experience, to create a plan with you, not for you.

Dr Sara Wickham, an experienced midwife, author, speaker and researcher, has published a wonderful research blog assessing continuity of care, and the difference between continuity of care and continuity of carer. To view the blog post, click here.

How many appointments will I get?

The typical structure of antenatal appointments in the Australian Public Healthcare maternity system is 8-10 x 20 minute appointments, and then 1-2 visit from a midwife at your home the day after you have birthed your baby, with a final midwife discharge appointment around day 3. Follow on support from your local maternal and Child health Nurse.

 With our personalised structure of care you will have between 8-12 visits at home during your pregnancy with each appointment typically lasting between 1-2 hours. You can see us as often as you would like as we don’t like to limit care to a number of appointments, as we never know when you might want extra support, or have more questions.

We are personally on-call for you from booking until six weeks after you give birth to your baby. We then will typically come to your house for daily visits following the birth for the first 3-4 days and then appointments as required over the following 6 weeks.

What are your qualifications?

Please refer to our individual biographies to view our qualifications. Click here to view our biographies.

What equipment do you have?
We carry a home birth kit with us which includes but is not limited to drugs for managing the third stage of labour (if required) and post partum haemorrhage, equipment for suturing the perineum, equipment for carrying out neonatal or maternal resuscitation in an emergency, equipment for fluid resuscitation if required. Essential oils, homeopathics and herbal tinctures to enhance labour, birth and postpartum care. We also have birth pools and TENs machines for hire.

Why Choose a Private Midwife?

Literature from around the world shows that women who have midwife-led care have better overall outcomes, less intervention and are more satisfied with their experience.

There are no known downsides to midwifery-led care. Private Midwifery Care is the gold standard in caseload maternity care.

Our Services at a glance !

Antenatal Care

A complete package of private antenatal care in the comfort of your own home with a midwife you know and trust to see you through your pregnancy.

Birth Care

Our birth Care package includes all your antenatal care, labour and birth care and postnatal care until your baby is a six weeks.

Postnatal Care

In addition to standard postnatal mum and baby checks, expect emotional support, breastfeeding support, practical advice & tips on caring for your new baby, your own recovery and healing.

For a comprehensive overview of Organic Midwifery services, please visit our Services page.
We are 3 awesome mamas and we are here to support you professionally in achieving the best possible birthing experience you can.