We believe pregnancy and childbirth can be an extraordinary adventure filled with love, excitement, tears, joy, intensity and laughter!

Introducing Helen & Mal

We have been working together in partnership with women and their families for the past 12years, in various settings and with Midwives Naturally for the past 8 years. Our approach to midwifery has evolved organically over the years, hence the name.

Much like pregnancy and childbirth it has been a journey for us with an intense learning curve at times! We have learnt to nurture each other, which in turn has helped us to support and nurture women and their families through pregnancy and childbirth.

We believe pregnancy and childbirth can be an extraordinary adventure filled with love, excitement, tears, joy, intensity and laughter! As it is a physiological process and therefore an emotional and social life event not a medical emergency for most women it does not need to be managed and treated but guided and supported.

Organic Midwifery offers a range of services, which enable us to care for you holistically from conception through to your six week post birth check up. We specialize in homebirth, waterbirth, VBAC and prevention of a primary Caesarean section. We offer hospital birth support, antenatal and postnatal care in your own home, early parenting and breast feeding support and childbirth education classes.

Between us we have over 40 years worth of midwifery experience and expertise as primary care midwives. We are both very lucky to have worked in continuity of caregiver models for most of our careers and believe that it is the forming of the midwife/woman relationship that provides safety and improves outcomes for families. The midwifery relationship is based on trust built up over time and involves the sharing of midwifery knowledge and skills. In turn, the woman and her family share their knowledge and life experience with us and we work together in partnership, to provide a safe and fulfilling experience for all concerned.

As registered professional midwives we belong to our professional organization Australian College of Midwives (ACMI) and follow the ACMI National Guidelines for Consultation and Referral. As such we work with and refer to other allied health professionals as required. (please click on services for details)We also seek to improve and update our professional knowledge and skills by attending regular workshops and conferences, which are informed by the latest evidence based research and are required by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency(AHPRA).

Organic Midwifery have a large collection of books information packs, DVD’s for loan out to our clients and we also provide pool hire for women wanting waterbirth and TENS hire. (please click on pool hire for more information. Thank you for accessing our website today please feel free to browse further; Click on tabs for Fee Schedule, GP referral letter, birth plan and contact details if you prefer a more personal approach and wish to speak to us.