About Organic Midwifery

Organic Midwifery is an independent Midwifery Practice owned and operated by experienced midwives, Helen Brown and Mal Morieson.

Helen and Mal (formerly Midwives Naturally) offer a range of care options to assist you in your journey into parenthood. These include antenatal & postnatal care, childbirth education, labour and birth support in your home or the hospital of your choice.

Some visits attract a medicare rebate, and private health insurance rebates may apply. All options can be discussed at length in your initial meeting with either Helen or Mal.

Helen Brown

Midwife and Mother of 3 Children

Hi, my name is Helen Brown and I have been a midwife for 30 years. I have spent 22 of those years working in, or teaching, continuity of midwifery care models.

I am originally from the UK where I trained as a nurse, then as a midwife. After a year as a registered midwife in the UK, I moved to NZ where I worked as a hospital midwife for 7 years. During that time apart from working with birthing women and their families I was fortunate enough to spend 3 years working in Neonatal Intensive care working with unwell babies. I learned a lot about recognizing when a newborn baby is healthy and when they aren’t and the impact that has on the family unit.

In 1992 I formed a group midwifery practice with 3 other midwives and we did 50% home birth and 50% hospital and birth centre birth. Our group conducted our own antenatal classes and provided antenatal, labour and postnatal care up to and including the 6/52 check. Skills included: perineal suturing, I.V. cannulation and neonatal resusitation.

I loved doing homebirths and found my true passion as a midwife, learning from women birthing in their own environment. My learning curve was steep!

In 1996 after the birth of my third child we moved to Melbourne and I discovered midwifery and birth were different in Australia! Homebirth was not a publically-funded mainstream option for women and homebirth midwives could not get indemnity insurance. So I decided to update my qualifications and do some research regarding women’s decision making for place of birth and primary caregiver. After finishing my Masters degree in midwifery I decided to teach midwifery and became a midwifery lecturer and clinical educator.

After 3 years of teaching midwifery which I enjoyed-I realized I missed working with birthing women too much! So I started working at a birth centre and doing homebirths part-time. The birth center was where I first met the lovely Mal Morrieson and enjoyed her enthusiasm and passion for midwifery.

In 2005, myself and 3 other midwives formed Midwives Naturally, the first group midwifery practice offering continuity of caregiver via homebirth and hospital support to women in Melbourne. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 10 years with Midwives Naturally and have learned a lot! Now I feel it’s the end of an era and its time to move on to pastures new.

As part of a new beginning this year Mal Morieson and I are excited about continuing to work together in a new Midwifery partnership. We each bring our unique midwifery skills and knowledge to the practice and by working together we will continue to offer a high standard of midwifery care to women and their families.

Midwifery strengths:
My main strength would be my learned ability to be with women, to actively listen, and to hear their voices. This is achieved, I believe, through the building of a trusting relationship in the antenatal period and reflected in the women’s positive birth outcomes and midwifery care evaluations.

Midwifery skills:

  • Neonatal Resuscitation
  • IV Cannulation
  • Perineal Suturing

Areas of special Interest:

  • Keeping birth normal
  • Working with women having their first baby to prevent primary caesarean section
  • Promoting, encouraging and supporting VBAC

My birthing history:
2 caesarean sections and 1 VBAC at home

E-mail: helen@organicmidwifery.com.au

Mobile: 0416 201 143

Mal Morieson

Midwife and Mother of 3 Children

My desire to be a midwife began with the birth of my first son in 1993. I had a very positive birth experience despite being in hospital and came away from it thinking to myself what an amazing job that midwife has. There began my midwifery journey. Several years later and two more babies I came across The Bachelor of Midwifery, which is a direct entry into the midwifery world without the need to do nursing first. In 2002 I applied and was one of only 25 successful applicants in becoming part of a new era in midwifery education, The Bachelor of Midwifery. This was a three year full time course focused entirely on holistic midwifery care with a family centred approach. Midwifery and birth became an addiction for me and the more I learnt the more I wanted to know. This continues today.

My journey after graduating was perfect, sometimes I have to pinch myself because I have gone from one amazing employment experience to the next and each time growing in my knowledge and experience as an autonomous midwife. I was lucky enough to start my journey at The Angliss Family Birth Centre as a third year student. The Birth Centre showed me what birthing women are truly capable of when supported, trusted and encouraged by their caregivers. It was at the Birth centre where I first met Helen Brown and and with guidance and nurturing from both Helen and several other wonderful midwives I learnt to understand, completely trust and believe in birthing women.

In 2004 I completed my Bachelor of Midwifery and started my graduate year at The Angliss Hospital consolidating my skills in all aspects of midwifery care including Special Care Nursery, Labour Ward, including high intervention birthing, and postnatal care but always knew in my heart it was physiological birth I truly believed in and yearned to be part of.

My Graduate year ended in early 2006 so I decided to expand my exposure to other maternity services and joined the team of midwives at Casey maternity unit in Berwick. This was a large maternity unit with midwifery led, low intervention care. A fully integrated unit meant my working area and focus changed on a daily basis which was fantastic for developing new skills. Casey also offered an excellent education program which enabled me to gain accreditation in other significant areas such as water births, perineal suturing and cannulation.

In late 2006 a permanent position was advertised in the Birth Centre and I knew it was where I wanted to be. I was successful in my application and was thrilled to be part of a small team offering great care to the families who chose to birth with us.

I enjoyed working at the birth centre but my curiosity about the world of homebirths and true physiological birth was a growing force inside me. Eventually it became so great that I could no longer ignore it, I spoke to the other midwives at Midwives Naturally and they were more than happy for me to become part of their growing team. I resigned from the birth centre in early 2008 and began working with Midwives Naturally immediately. I worked as an associate midwife with Midwives Naturally for several years until a position became available as one of their directors. I was offered the position and happily accepted as this was a great opportunity. I was providing both homebirth and hospital support to our incredible clients and met some amazing families along the way. I knew at this point I was so spoilt in the world of private midwifery that I would never be able to work for a hospital again!

In 2015 I decided it was time for a change and left Midwives Naturally to begin a new venture with my colleague and great friend Helen Brown. We service all of Melbourne and between us offer an amazing array of skills and experience to our clients and their families. I love being invited into our clients’ homes to support them in their birthing journeys. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. My three children are all young adults now and have travelled on this magical journey with me and they all have a keen interest in my work. My daughter had her first baby at the end of last year and I am loving having this little guy in our lives. I was fortunate enough to be at the birth of my grandson and feel so lucky and blessed to have been able to share this with my daughter and her partner.

I believe birthing is a journey of self-discovery and self-belief and every birth is unique and amazing. A huge part of my continued learning comes from birthing women and the experiences and stories they bring with them…

Good luck with your journey.

E-mail: mal@organicmidwifery.com.au

Mobile: 0408 363 802

Ramona Fisher

Midwife and Mother of 3 Children

E-mail: ramona@organicmidwifery.com.au