The Birth of Baby Hunter

Mar 7, 2023

My name is Rebecca Dickson, my fiancé is Jordan Morieson, and we have a beautiful baby boy called Hunter William Morieson. We are based in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Our journey into parenthood was planned. With having been on birth control for about 10 years, we decided to go off contraception in January 2021, and really begin to detox and begin our health journey before trying to conceive. With the help of our good friend Holly Sinclair who is the founder of The Women Series. She helped guide us and provide us all the knowledge we needed to track my waking body temp, cervical mucus and all the vitamins and nutrients to help assist us with our journey of conceiving naturally.

We spent 6 months getting healthy and building our knowledge before we began trying in June 2021. It took us 8 months to fall pregnant. I took a pregnancy test the morning of the 22nd of February which was the day that I was due to get my period. Much to our surprise we were pregnant! I called Jordan straight away to tell him the great news and we both broke down crying, we were so over the moon, shocked & excited all in one. Such a beautiful moment.

We knew straight away that we wanted to have a homebirth, as we were blessed enough that my mother-in-law Malinda Morieson is part of the Organic Midwifery group who specialises in homebirth. Mal then soon introduced us to Helen Brown who would be our primary midwife and Mal being our secondary. We bonded instantly and were so blessed to be on this journey with the best midwives by our side.

I had a wonderful, smooth and easy pregnancy. We decided not to find out the gender of our baby as we wanted it to be a surprise. We also decided to have minimal intervention throughout the pregnancy, we opted to have a blood test, a NIPT test at 16 weeks, then a scan at 21 weeks.

Each appointment with our midwives throughout the pregnancy was at our home, so it made it super easy and relaxed. We chatted about what kind of journey we wanted to have, focused on our birth plan, and spoke about the importance of nutrition and exercise throughout the pregnancy. Mal and Helen guided us throughout to make sure we could be mentally and physically strong to get the homebirth we have always wanted.

My labour was hard and fast. 11hrs of early labour that turned into a very fast active labour of 3.5hrs. The morning of the 26th October, I woke up with bad back pain. Soon then after I had my first contraction which was at about 1:30am, I decided to put the tens machine on which was an absolute godsend! The next couple of hrs I tried to sleep and rest while I was having contractions to conserve my energy. We waited till about 6am to let Helen & Mal know that I was in labour. My contractions were pretty close together & consistent throughout. I spent the whole labour staying active, in and out of the shower, on the pregnancy ball and crawling around to try move bub into the perfect position ready for pushing.

My waters then soon broke at about 11am along with my mucus plug which had a bit of  of meconium in it, we called Helen to let her know so she left straight away and arrived at our home at about midday. I was already involuntarily pushing when Helen arrived.  Helen got me on the couch to help check how far along I was and I was fully dilated ready to go! I got on all fours and started pushing. Helen checked bubs heart rate as I was pushing and it was perfect all throughout. To help assist with not tearing, Helen put a warm cloth on my perineum while I pushed and this felt amazing! With all the moral support in the room I pushed our baby boy out in 30minutes!

Jordan caught our baby and we both instantly broke down in tears, we were so blessed and happy our baby boy was earthside! Healthy and happy, we spent the first hour having uninterrupted skin to skin. We did delayed cord clamping, Jordan cut the cord and then I tried breastfeeding and Hunter latched straight away. Our midwives did all the health checks after the golden hour and Hunter was beautiful and healthy.

Mal then helped assist me while I was getting contractions to push my placenta out, once it was out they made beautiful placenta prints which turned out amazing! Mal then helped me shower so we could hop into bed and enjoy our new baby boy!

Our beautiful midwives stayed by our side till about 6 weeks postpartum, helping us with anything we needed, doing check ups, ensuring our breastfeeding journey was going perfect and helping me get the support I needed to get my body back on track while in recovery. Luckily Mal being Hunter’s beautiful nanna, we have endless love and support.

The whole journey has been amazing, blessed with the best pregnancy, the best birth and labour experience and now our boy is 3 months old so healthy and happy. We can’t thank our midwives enough for helping guide us and preaching that if you leave well enough alone, a women knows how to bring her baby into this world and does so on her own terms. Thank you for being by our side, we are eternally grateful for what you do, homebirth is safe birth


Love Beck, Jordy & Hunter