The Birth of Baby Ezra

Apr 27, 2023

Words fail me when trying to aptly describe the euphoric home birth experience I was able to create for myself with the help of my amazingly supportive husband and God sent midwives.

You see, My firstborns birth was quite the opposite, in the hospital system, where my GP at the time insisted was the only place women could birth safely. I complied. I was a first time mum after all, my GP would have known best right?

A small disclaimer to say yes, I acknowledge some do experience a fulfilling hospital birth, (more so when they have private midwives such as Organic Midwifery or some type of continuity of care), but that wasn’t the case with me.

It wasn’t at all what I expected. The hospital system was time poor, unable to genuinely listen and care for my needs. From beginning to end I felt like a grocery item on a supermarket food belt, quickly processed through in order to attend to the next. My consent wasn’t even asked for when injecting me with synthetic drugs to hurry the process of delivering the placenta, they didn’t stitch my second degree tear with compassion, they barely let me shower saying “this room is needed for another birthing woman who’s waiting”.

I complied, quickly rushing, sore and in shock. Trying to process why I missed out on the first golden hour with my beautiful baby girl post birth, why delayed cord clamping didn’t occur, why they treated me and baby totally separate to each other. It felt like a set of tasks that needed to be ticked off, a compliance record of rules and policies/protocol that were followed – it was a dry, cold, rushed and clinical experience.

But I’m the fortunate few who went onto becoming pregnant again, but this time heart and mind equipped to fulfill the burning desire of a home birth!! I set out to make sure my next birth experience wouldn’t repeat the past!

I interviewed many private midwives – finally connecting with Ramona at Organic Midwifery and felt instant comfort with her. She was holistic, caring, respectful – not concerned with status quo relating to Covid, she was first and foremost focused on hearing my questions, calming my fears, reassuring my worries, and helping me know she was there for me and would support the informed choices I made. Yes, there were safe guards in place to protect baby and myself as part of the nitty gritty but not once did I feel coerced, rushed or uncomfortable.

This incredible experience was one to remember for a lifetime, as the birth of your child should be!

I felt empowered and strong! I also felt grief and weakness from the memories of my firstborn’s birth and so much regret. But with lovely Ramona’s timely advice and soothing helpful voice to calm me at each appointment and phone call, I worked through it with her help and my wonderful second midwife Helen. All my appointments were done in the comfort of my own home!!

My labour was fast and beautiful as I walked around my lounge room, carefully decorated with fairy lights and affirmations on the wall. My carefully selected playlist playing in the background. Snacks and drinks had as I pleased. The birth pool was toasty and pure bliss to relax in. Here’s the best part, I got to experience the fetal ejection reflex that still gives me goosebumps as I think back to it. No one coached me to push, I used horses’ breaths to breathe baby out!! None of the labour was painful, just intense like a heavy workout. I have so many photos of me just smiling!!

It was holistic, baby and I were never separated. It was faith filled, love filled, warm and healing. It was a redemptive experience! A dream come true. To have my darling husband by my side, my beautiful daughter sleeping uninterrupted in bed at home, it was just as it was meant to be. Our bodies are wonderfully designed to create, sustain, and birth life. Every care provider should be offering home birth as the first option where possible not dodging it! The statistics prove the safety of it for both mother and baby as well as incredibly positive outcomes for both long term too. There are so many positive points to home birthing and I’m just so darn pleased I got to experience it.